Effective ways of reducing Inheritance tax

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Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) is payable on a gift or inheritance received by a beneficiary from a “donor”. There are several ways donors can be efficient and help to reduce CAT payable by their beneficiaries.

THE FOLLOWING are some ideas which can assist in this tax planning exercise:

Transfer or hold property in joint names as property in joint tenancies can be passed, on the death of one of the parties, to the other party/ies named on title tax free;

Make a will based on your wishes, but also based on the tax-free thresholds available to your beneficiaries in the will;

Be generous to your other half in your will as assets of any kind can be passed tax-free to your surviving husband, wife or civil partner;

Know the criteria for the various CAT reliefs available and utilise them where applicable e.g. Agricultural, Business, Favourite Nephew/Niece, Dwelling-House Relief;

Take out a Life Assurance Policy, known as a section 72 Policy, to cover the CAT payable by your beneficiaries;

Consider setting up a Trust, particularly where the beneficiaries are minors;

Cashable assets are very important as this helps beneficiaries pay off the CAT liability without needing to get loans etc.;

Every year you can give a gift of €3,000 tax-free, blood relation or not. This will decrease the CAT payable.

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