Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution

GIVEN the high costs involved in Court litigation Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) through arbitration or mediation can often be a far more cost effective and quicker solution. The firm has represented clients in international arbitrations against individuals, corporate entities as well as against governments. We have considerable experience in representing Irish and overseas clients in cross-border disputes and arbitrations.

Robert Browne is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. We will endeavour to settle your dispute without recourse to litigation. We have the necessary skill, experience, resources and facilities to handle the largest disputes. We will use all available methods to try and bring your commercial dispute to a successful conclusion. These methods include:

Negotiation — Frequently overlooked, this can often be the best way to problem solve. We can assist clients with negotiations behind the scenes or handle them directly.

Mediation — The most common form of ADR today, Mediation involves the parties to a dispute appointing a qualified mediator to attempt to broker a solution prior to a more formal dispute resolution process. Mediation is far more flexible in the solutions which can be agreed between the parties and can deliver far more satisfactory results in terms of costs and speed also. .

Arbitration — This may be agreed between the parties and often is compulsory because of the contract agreement at the source of the dispute, e.g. in construction and insurance claims and vehicle sales . We frequently represent parties in arbitration proceedings.

Expert Determination — Used in trade disputes, we have experience in representing clients in such determinations.


Robert Browne

Robert advises extensively on all aspects of Banking and Commercial Litigation, Injunctions, Financial Services and Insurance, Corporate and Private Client Litigation.
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